The Complete 2019 Essential Readings List

Grit: Angela Duckworth

This was my airport book - and it was the only reason I looked forward to flying. Examine how passion and perseverance can impact your career, success, and finances.

Clifton Strengths: Gallup

If there's anything you take from this page - it's to invest in the Clifton Strengths assessment offered by Gallup. It is hands down my favorite leadership and workplace assessment.

Getting To Yes: Fisher and Ury

I actually had to read this one for class, but it gives amazing insights on how to negotiate and get what you want, all without causing an argument.

Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Stanny

If you're a woman on a mission to make some big money, this is a must read. This takes a deep dive into how wealthy women came to be, and what road blocks have hindered so many others.

Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office 2.0: Frankel

I think every woman should read this early on in her career. Dr. Frankel provides an in-text evaluation, which then directs you to which advise YOU need to hear, and helps you eliminate the bad habits you've developed and replaces them.

Bad Feminist: Roxeane Gay

First of all, if you ever have the chance to hear Dr. Gay speak, GO. Either way, this is a must read to understand the complexities of feminism, and to remind yourself it's okay to not be the shining example.

Becoming: Michelle Obama

Put your politics aside for this one, because Mrs. Obama's story is phenomenal. It's incredibly inspiring to read the trials and tribulations she's experienced in life, and how she overcame them.

Persuasion Point: Traci Brown

Want to know exactly what people are thinking, without having to hear all their thoughts? This is an invaluable lesson on your body language, as well as how to read others' secret signals.

Leadership 2.0: Bradberry

This is another book that comes with an amazing assessment. Bradberry breaks leadership down into 22 components, with good and bad examples of each, and recommendations on how to improve each one based on your assessment.

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